Where to Get Dry Ice For Drinks Near Me

where to get dry ice near me for drinks

You might be wondering where to get dry ice for drinks near you. Unfortunately, most grocery stores do not sell dry ice. The exception to this rule is the large chain grocery store. Instead, most people have to look for a local store that offers dry ice for sale. Be sure to bring a cooler with you when you purchase dry ice, and be careful not to handle it directly.

a smoking gun vs dry ice

If you’re planning a bar night, one option you may consider is using a smoking gun, which infuse smoke into a cocktail. The smoke produced by a smoking gun makes a cocktail look classier. If you want to serve your guests a smokey negroni, for instance, a smoking gun is a great way to add an extra special touch. Using a smoking gun will also add a nice presentation to your drink. Also, you’ll be able to swirl the smoke throughout the drink. Unlike dry ice, which can make your stomach swell, using a smoking gun will prevent your guests from gaining an unpleasant effect from your drink.

Smoking guns create small amounts of smoke that dissipate within a few minutes. In contrast, dry ice will produce smoke for five minutes. However, smoking guns require special handling, and dry ice may not be safe for small children.

Esposito’s Ice

Ice cubes are a great way to make your drinks look more elegant and fancy. If you’re looking for an upscale touch, consider using large-format ice cube molds. These molds are not only affordable, but they can increase your profits with higher-end customers.


To find dry ice, you can search the internet or go to a store. Walmart stores usually have several freezers stocked with dry ice. The price per pound is about $1.44, and the ice is usually found near the register. You can find different brands of dry ice at different Walmart locations. You can also call ahead to ensure that the ice you want is available.

Dry ice is used to make cocktails. It is cold, and the mixture doesn’t have a strong flavor. It also won’t water down the drink. It’s a great option for Halloween parties, but you have to be careful when serving dry ice to kids. Always be sure to serve the drinks carefully to avoid the ice falling into your punch bowl. Dry ice is available at most major grocery stores. You can find the blocks of dry ice in specialized coolers near the front of the store.

To use dry ice for drinks, you need to break it up into small pieces. For a single cocktail, a piece is about half an inch, while a piece for a punch bowl should be four or five inches long. Be sure to wear gloves to protect yourself from the ice’s sharp edges. You can also use an ice pick or a screwdriver to break up the ice. To avoid the ice crumbling into a powder, make sure the dry ice pieces are no larger than four to five inches in size.


Dry ice is a great way to add a festive flair to your drinks. As the name implies, dry ice is made from frozen carbon dioxide gas and it does not melt. It only changes into gas when heated. You can find dry ice at Walmart and other stores, as well as online.

The best way to find out if your local Walmart store has dry ice is to use their store locator. This tool can be used to search for store locations by state, city, or ZIP code. You can also call a store to check for availability. Using this application, you can easily find if your local store has dry ice for drinks.

In most cases, dry ice can be purchased at Walmart stores. However, there are some caveats. First of all, dry ice is expensive to transport and store. It is also more difficult to deliver. Secondly, dry ice decomposes within 24 hours.

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