Where to Buy the Best Tacos in Your State

where to buy the best tacos

If you’re looking for the best tacos in your state, you should do a little research and see where the real deal is. While tacos from fast food chains may be convenient, they simply cannot compare to tacos from your local Mexican restaurant. If you’re looking for the authentic thing, you should look for tacos made from scratch.

Coyo Taco

If you are looking for authentic Mexican food in the heart of Paris, you can’t do better than Coyo Taco. It offers a large variety of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, guacamole, and more. The menu changes seasonally and uses fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The tacos are filled with generous fillings, like cochinita pibil or battered fish. The menu also features traditional Mexican desserts like churros and dulce de leche.

Tacos Los Poblanos

Tacos Los Poblanos is a family run taqueria in South Central. Owner Jose Luis Aquino, who is one of twelve siblings, started the taqueria with his brother Salustio in 2005. Aquino’s tacos are influenced by the taquerias in Tijuana.

The taqueria is run like an assembly line. Henry Ford would be envious of the speed at which the Tortilleras prepare and press the tacos. The meats are fresh, and if you order anything complicated, the Tortillera will chop them for you. You can even have a chorizo link or thin beef steak put in your taco.

Tacos in Sunset Park

If you’re in the mood for a good Mexican meal, Sunset Park is the place for you. The neighborhood has a long tradition of Mexican food and a diverse cultural fabric. Recent development in the area has resulted in new cafes popping up in the neighborhood. Industry City, an office campus with upscale retail businesses, is also located in Sunset Park. You’ll find a chic food hall here as well. A few blocks from the plaza, you’ll find a popular Mexican eatery called Xochil. Here, you’ll find masa-based snacks and tacos at a reasonable price.

There are several taquerias in the area that serve traditional Mexican fare. Maria’s Bistro is one such establishment with a large back patio. The menu includes breakfast items, tacos, and seafood. There are also some specials. Try the large taco, which comes with a larger tortilla and guacamole. Another highlight is the lengua taco, which is made from steamed beef tongue.

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