Where to Buy Sunpass in Orlando Florida

where to buy sunpass in ocala fl

There are plenty of ways to buy a Sunpass and you may be wondering where to find them. You’ll find thousands of retail outlets in Florida that accept cash deposits for this purpose. This means that you don’t need to enter any credit card information or bank account details.


If you want to drive on the roads of Florida without paying high tolls, the best way to do so is to purchase a SunPass transponder. SunPass is Florida’s prepaid toll program, and a transponder can help you save up to 25% on tolls. These devices are placed in your vehicle’s windshield below the rearview mirror, and they allow you to pay tolls at the lowest rates possible without worrying about service charges or credit card charges.

In addition to Florida, SunPass works in many other states, including Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Rhode Island. It is accepted in most bridges, toll roads, and in most other states. It also partners with E-ZPass, which makes it possible to travel in 19 states.

‘sticker tag’

Drivers who don’t use the toll roads very often and those who have put off buying the new transponder are expected to flock to the cheaper sticker tag. Officials hope to sell 600,000 stickers tags this year, which would mean that 75 percent of turnpike tolls would be paid with SunPass by the end of the year. Older transponders will continue to be available for customers who prefer them. In addition, the cheaper stickers will be available at retail stores including Publix and turnpike service plazas, including the Navarro and Sedano pharmacies in Miami.

The Sunpass sticker tag is a small credit card-sized device that is attached to the windshield. The sticker cannot be removed from the vehicle, and it is priced at $4.99.

‘cashless gantries’

Cashless gantries are a way to pay tolls electronically and eliminate the need for a physical toll booth. These systems work by photographing a vehicle’s license plate and then sending a bill to the registered owner. However, paying by electronic means costs about 25 cents more per toll and requires a monthly service fee. This technology is also available on the Sawgrass Expressway.

Cashless toll booths are becoming common in Florida. Currently, two cashless gantries operate along the Veterans Expressway north of Tampa. Additionally, the I-4 Connector, which connects Interstate 4 to the Selmon Expressway west of Tampa, is an all-electric toll road, and there are plans to add more cashless booths.

Keeping your balance above $0.00

Keeping your SunPass balance above $0.00 is very important in order to avoid incurring any administrative fees. To keep your account active and to avoid a negative balance, you must keep all the information on your account up to date. You can do this by enrolling in Easy Pay Automatic Replenishment. Simply enroll here.

Using a rental car

If you have a rental car, you may be wondering about purchasing a SunPass. These are Florida-accepted transponders that are designed to save you money on tolls. Some companies also offer E-PASS, which uses license plate photos instead of cash to collect tolls. Most rental car companies offer this program in their rental agreements.

The process is simple. To buy a SunPass in Ocala FL, all you have to do is go online and enter your license plate number. This is free and easy, and the rental car company will provide a license plate tracking system. If you need to purchase a SunPass while you are in the rental car, you can also buy one in your car.

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