Where to Buy SunPass in Georgia

where to buy sunpass in georgia

If you want to save money and travel on public transportation in Georgia, there are two ways to buy a SunPass. First, you can buy the SunPass PRO, which is a transponder that works in all 50 states. Second, you can buy a SunPass Mini, which is the size of a credit card and uses adhesive to adhere to your windshield. This transponder is only $4.99, and it is not transferable.

SunPass PRO is a type of transponder

The Florida DOT operates the SunPass system, which is used to pay tolls on toll roads from Jacksonville to south Florida. SunPass is accepted by the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority and the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority. It is also good at parking garages at Orlando International Airport and Port Canaveral cruise-ship terminals. E-Pass and SunPass are both accepted on toll roads in North Carolina and Georgia, but they have different functions.

The SunPass transponder works by sending a signal to sensors at toll plazas. These sensors then automatically deduct toll charges from a driver’s prepaid toll account. It is important that the transponder is properly mounted in the car. Otherwise, it can fail to communicate properly. The instructions provided in Special Windshield Considerations can help you mount a transponder on your windshield.

It is valid across Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio

In Florida, SunPass is interchangeable with the E-Pass or O-Pass for toll roads. The E-Pass works on toll roads that are managed by the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFXA). Similarly, SunPass is interchangeable with the LeeWay toll bridge for toll roads managed by the Lee County. The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority has a similar program.

E-ZPass and Sunpass are electronic road passes that allow users to pay tolls on toll roads by simply scanning their E-ZPass cards. Both systems require users to create an account and install the device on their vehicle. Once installed, the cards are activated.

SunPass saves drivers time and money. Drivers can save up to 25 percent on tolls by using SunPass. They also avoid having to stop and pay in cash lanes.

It is available in vending machines

The Florida Department of Transportation recently announced that sunpasses will soon be sold at rest stops. For just $5, motorists can buy transponders for use on state toll roads. The new system will also be available in parts of North Carolina and Georgia, and it is expected to be implemented in many more states soon.

The toll roads in Florida are becoming increasingly cashless, and SunPass is a great way to pay with little effort. While some minor roads accept cash and credit cards, the majority of larger toll roads accept only the SunPass. SunPass can be purchased at vending machines, which typically have a person to answer questions and help drivers set it up.

It is cheaper than E-PASS

The Sunpass has a few advantages over the E-Pass. For one, it’s cheaper to purchase. In addition, the E-Pass comes with a free toll sticker. The Sunpass, on the other hand, costs $5 to transfer. In addition, it is more transferrable.

The Sunpass also allows users to bypass the toll plaza by using their transponder. In most cases, this can result in a reduced toll rate of about 25 percent. In addition, SunPass users don’t have to stop at the cash lanes, which saves them time.

The two E-PASSes have different expiration dates. The SunPass has a five-year expiration period, while the E-PASS is only valid for two years. SunPass Mini is also a pocket-size device.

It is easier to use

Georgia has linked its toll collection system with those of North Carolina and Florida, making Sunpass easier to use in the state. SunPass will enable customers to use express lanes on Interstate 85 and Florida’s Turnpike. Customers can also make toll payments electronically, with tolls being deducted from their home-state accounts.

Georgia offers two forms of the SunPass. The portable SunPass Pro can be kept in a wallet or attached to the windshield. The mini version is attached to the windshield with a sticker. Both types of transponders are managed by E-Pass. The Uni version works only in Georgia and Florida; the Xtra version works on all express lanes in 18 states.

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