Where to Buy Stamps on the Weekend

where to buy stamps on weekend

Buying postage stamps is a common household item. As the price of postage stamps increases over time, it makes good financial sense to purchase additional sets to use for upcoming mailings. This is a worthwhile investment because mail will be around for a long time. In addition, buying extra stamps will ensure that you always have the perfect stamp for mailing your important documents.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is a great place to buy postage stamps. They have over 600 locations in the US and Puerto Rico. In addition to traditional postage stamps, they also carry postage stamps in a variety of popular brands. The stamps can also be purchased online.

Postage stamps are important if you plan to send physical mail. The post office is the most obvious place to buy stamps, but it is not always convenient or fast. Fortunately, there are many other places to buy them at retail prices. Many grocery stores and convenience stores carry a variety of stamps and mailing supplies.


If you are looking to purchase stamps but don’t have the time to run down to the post office, Costco is a great option. The warehouse has a wide selection of stamps, including USPS Forever stamps, at discounted prices. Costco also sells postal accessories like stamp holders and envelopes. You can purchase a Costco membership for $60 to $120, which will allow you to buy stamps at the warehouse cash register. Many Costco locations accept credit cards, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Stamps are one of the most expensive items at the post office, and buying them at Costco will save you money. Costco stamps are about $0.0025 cheaper per stamp compared to USPS stamp prices. In addition, you can use these stamps for as long as you need them. This will save you even more money if the price goes up.


If you are looking for a good place to buy stamps on the weekend, Meijer may be a good choice. The company sells postage stamps online and you can get them delivered within a few hours. Simply visit Meijer’s website, add items to your cart, and pay.

In addition to offering stamps online, Meijer has many locations throughout the United States. The company offers stamps for sale in stamp books and individually. You can get these stamps at the check-out counter, where you can also find customer service.


If you have a stamp collecting hobby, Target is a great place to purchase stamps. While they may not have any discount stamps available, they do sell a variety of stamps in a book or sheet. Target also sells a variety of other useful items.

When visiting Target, customers can purchase postage stamps and other postage supplies. These products are sold at the store’s checkout and customer service desks. The prices are identical to those offered by the US Postal Service.


If you’re a stamp collector, Hy-Vee is a great place to buy stamps. You can find stamps there for the same price as USPS stamps, and they can be purchased in the store or online. However, you should keep in mind that they don’t sell single stamps. Instead, they sell sheets and rolls of stamps that you can use to mail any type of package.

Hy-Vee also carries a small variety of stamps, including first-class stamps and forever stamps. Unlike many stamp shops, you can buy individual stamps, but they don’t carry the full range. Typically, Hy-Vee sells stamp booklets with 20 stamps each. Occasionally, they will sell one-off stamps if you ask.

Jewel Osco

If you’re looking for where to buy stamps on the weekend, consider shopping at Jewel-Osco. Not only do they sell stamps, but they also carry many other items, including food, drink, and supplies. You can find a store near you by using the Jewel-Osco website.

Jewel-Osco is owned by Albertson’s and operates 188 grocery stores across the Chicagoland area. They also accept the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, electronic benefits transfer cards. This program is a government program that provides financial assistance to low-income families who have trouble buying food. The cards are reloadable and are accepted at participating Jewel-Osco stores.

Jay C Food

On the weekends, if you need to mail a letter or a package, but cannot find a post office open, you can still buy stamps at other places. Most major retailers, including Wal-Mart and Kroger, have stamp-buying kiosks that are available for customers to use.

You can also find stamps at drugstores and banks. You can purchase individual stamps or books of stamps at these locations. Some banks also have drive-through lanes to let customers buy stamps.

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