Where to Buy Rubber For Stamps

where to buy rubber for stamps

Whether you are creating your own rubber stamps or purchasing them in a craft store, you’ll need a place to buy the rubber. There are many options. These places include Etsy, Hobby Lobby, and Office Depot. Each of these places has a wide selection of rubber stamps that you can use for your projects.


Rubber stamps are a fun and practical craft that is growing in popularity. Until we become a paperless society, rubber stamps will be required for many business applications. Rubber stamps are also popular with hobbyists because of their ability to create unique cards and other communications. Stampers can choose from a variety of ink colors, slow-drying ink, special papers, and even embossing powder.

There are several places to purchase rubber for stamps. The most common way to find them is online. You can use a rubber stamp wizard to choose a design and then browse a variety of prices. You can also choose the type of rubber and size that is best for your project.


The Etsy marketplace offers a large variety of stamps, from small, simple stamps to customized ones. These stamps are great for DIY projects, cardmaking, invitations, and more. You can even find custom stamp shops on Etsy that will custom-make your stamps based on your needs.

Hobby Lobby

One of the best places to find rubber for stamps is at Hobby Lobby. The store carries several different types of stamps, including those that you can use for your scrapbooking projects. Many of these stamps are easy to use, and they can be used to decorate your scrapbook pages or greeting cards. You can even use them to accent party d├ęcor.

One great type of rubber to use with stamps is a flower stamp. A simple flower stamp will not ruin your paper. This kind of stamp comes with flowers and leaves, which are both great for decorating your cards. Some stamps come with matching ink pads and will help you create a variety of different designs.

Office Depot

When you’re making your own stamps, a great place to buy rubber for stamps is Office Depot. They sell pre-inked stamps that create a clean impression and can last for thousands of impressions before they need to be re-inked. Plus, Office Depot stamps have a comfortable, ergonomic grip that will help you keep your hand in place while you’re stamping. They’re also durable and come with convenient re-inking ports. Some even have enough space to hold up to four lines of text.

Self-inking stamps are convenient because they can quickly mark documents as read, faxed, or scanned. This helps you stay organized and save time. They also make it easy to mark documents with date or as a copy. This can make your day much more efficient.


If you are looking for ink stamps, you can buy them at Staples. They offer next-day delivery. You can also get custom ink stamps for your business or home address. If you do not want to purchase custom ink stamps, you can get pre-inked stamps. Pre-inked stamps may require more ink than regular stamps, so be sure to choose the right brand.

You can also purchase pre-inked rubber stamps to ensure that they will stay in use for many years. These stamps come with a protective dust cover, which helps keep them in good condition. Some stamps even come with custom ink, so you can customize them to match your specific needs.


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