Where to Buy One Stamp Other Than the Post Office

where to buy one stamp besides post office

In the United States, there are more than three thousand Post Offices to choose from. In other countries, you can buy stamps at Meijer, Target, Kmart, Foodland, or Kmart. The United Kingdom also has numerous Post Offices. The list of Post Offices is available here.


Meijer sells postage stamps at a reasonable price. A book of twenty stamps costs $11 at Meijer stores, which is nearly as cheap as a stamp from the post office. Stamps can be purchased in bulk or individually. Customers can pay cash, credit card, or personal check when they purchase them at Meijer.


If you only need to buy one stamp, Target is a good option. Its customer service desk is available to help customers with their stamping needs. However, if you need more than one stamp, you should call ahead to ensure that they have it in stock.


If you don’t want to visit the post office to buy your stamp, you can also buy them online at Kmart. The department store chain, which has been around for more than a century, is based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. You can purchase hundreds of thousands of products on the Kmart website, including USPS stamps. The company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Staples, was founded in 1956 and operates a full-featured eCommerce site with over a million products.


There are many places to buy one stamp besides the post office. You can purchase stamps at a Foodland or CVS. Both stores sell stamps, but only one type. You can find stamp books for about $10 and single stamps for around $1 each. Another option is the Walgreens chain, which has more than 8500 locations across the United States. If you need one stamp for a short mailing, Walgreens may be a better option than a post office.

Fry’s Food

Fry’s Food stores sell US postage stamps. They are more expensive than the post office, but they are convenient, and they have extended hours. These stores also sell mailing accessories. You can get stamps in booklets of 20. They are generally located behind the registers, which means you can’t worry about stealing them.

Gerbe’s Food

If you don’t want to make a trip to the post office, you can buy one stamp at Foodland, the largest supermarket in Hawaii. They have 32 locations throughout the islands, and some even offer coin-counting machines, Western Union, and gift cards. You can also get postage at a nearby Gerbe’s Food store. Another option for buying one stamp is Fry’s Food, which has 120 locations and is a major force in Arizona. You can find a Gerbe’s Food store in Missouri and Kansas.


If you want to buy a single stamp but don’t want to spend a lot of time in line at the post office, you can buy one at KwikTrip. The store sells individual stamps and Forever stamps for 50 cents each. It is also open a little later than a post office and is open all weekend.


If you need one stamp for your postcard, but don’t have time to wait in line at the post office, there are many other places to get one. You can buy stamps at a grocery store or even at a QuickTrip. They are often located in the register drawer, and they are cheap. You can also purchase stamps from the cashier at a local ATM.

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