Where to Buy Magic Kingdom Tickets

where to buy magic kingdom tickets

Buying Magic Kingdom tickets is a great way to enjoy a magical experience with your family. The park is one of the world’s busiest and most expensive theme parks, but if you have flexible dates, you can find the best tickets for your family’s budget and schedule. In addition to saving money, tickets to the Magic Kingdom can also be purchased for a discount price.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the busiest theme park in the world

If you’re wondering where to buy Disney’s Magic Kingdom tickets, there are a few options. The oldest tickets, known as “Magic Your Way”, expire 14 days after you first use them. However, you can get an upgrade to an annual pass or trade-in your old tickets for a more expensive regular ticket. This is the best option for those who plan to visit the theme park multiple times.

You can also get discounted Magic Kingdom tickets if you work for a major government agency or are a member of a large membership group. These groups often have over 200 members or employees, and they usually buy their tickets through a private website operated by ticket suppliers. These websites often require a password and are not available to the general public.

It’s the most expensive theme park in the world

The Magic Kingdom at Disney World is the most expensive theme park in the world, but it is not alone – three other theme parks in the U.S. cost as much as $100 million apiece. The list includes Universal’s Jurassic Park, Disneyland Tokyo, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom isn’t cheap to visit, and recent price increases have only added to the cost. Theme park prices have increased for food and Genie+, so that visitors may need to spend a lot of money to get in. The Family Vacation Guide recently released a list of the world’s most expensive theme parks. The Magic Kingdom is no longer number one on the list.

The price increase at Disney World has been a trend for several years. Over the past five years, prices have increased by 35.8%, which is the highest increase in the world. The rise in ticket prices has occurred despite the fact that demand for Disney World has increased significantly. In addition, the price increase does not include travel and lodging expenses.

It offers a flexible date option

When purchasing tickets for Disney’s Magic Kingdom, it helps to choose a flexible date. Although standard tickets have specific expiration dates, you can extend your tickets for 14 days. Depending on the ticket type, the extension cost will vary. For instance, you can extend your tickets until Dec. 31, 2019. You can also choose to extend the tickets for each person in your party.

Another great benefit of a flexible date option is that it gives you more freedom. If you’re traveling with children, a flexible ticket lets you plan a day or two ahead of time. This is perfect for gift-giving and is also an excellent choice if your travel plans change.

It’s a great value

The best time to purchase discount Magic Kingdom tickets is in the off-season. During this time, you can save as much as $200 per person for a one-day ticket and up to $620 per family for a five-day pass. However, be sure to check ID at the gate, as Disney reserves the right to deny entry to anyone whose name is not on the ticket.

If you are visiting in the fall, you can take advantage of the Halloween and Christmas party nights at the Magic Kingdom. This allows you to enjoy the park without the crowds. It is also possible to buy a “Park Hopper” ticket that will let you ride all the rides in the Magic Kingdom on the same day.

It’s available in Walmart

The two Walmarts in Kissimmee, Florida are great places to purchase discounted multi-day tickets to the Magic Kingdom. You can also purchase a ticket to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party for a discount. If you are a student at the University of Central Florida, you can purchase two discounted tickets each day for 30 days. The SGA ticket center is located near the Student Union.

Discounted tickets are also available for active duty, retired, and DOD civilian employees. Just be sure to bring your military ID as you will be asked to show it at the ticket booth to activate your ticket. Alternatively, you can purchase a pre-activated ticket at Shades of Green, an outlet in Disney Springs. This option is tax-free.

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