Where to Buy Good Taco Shells

where to buy good taco shells

If you’re looking for crunchy taco shells, you’ve come to the right place. These stand-up, crunchy taco shells are a perfect way to stuff your favorite fillings!

These thicker tortilla shells hold fillings well, are full of flavor, and do not crumble when warmed. See the review card below for how they scored in each category (click/tap to enlarge).


Ortega® is bringing the taste of Mexico to your dinner table with two new must-try products that spice up store shelves nationwide starting in June: Good Grains Taco Shells and Crispy Taco Toppers. Both are crafted with unique, on-trend ingredients baked right into the taco shells that will elevate your meal.

The artisanal blend of whole kernel corn and thoughtful grains brings an on-trend flavor, aroma and texture to each taco shell. These savory shells can be served with all your favorite taco fixings.

Taco Bell®

Taco Bell® is one of the most iconic fast food restaurants in the world. With locations in every state and almost 30 countries, it’s a staple in many American households.

The story of Taco Bell started in 1948 when Glen Bell opened a hot dog stand in San Bernardino, California. He noticed a Mexican restaurant across the street that was popular with local residents for its hard-shell tacos, and he tried to reverse-engineer their recipe.

When the owner allowed him to see how they were made, Bell decided he wanted to offer hard-shell tacos at his own hamburger stand. He soon began selling them, under the names Taco-Tia and El Taco, before settling on his eponymous chain of taco stands.

But the story of how Taco Bell became such a successful chain is not one that has always been smooth. There was a time when it was difficult to differentiate Taco Bell from other fast-food chains, and that’s why the company transitioned to a more subdued color palette in the early 90s. The new logo also has a much cleaner look, with less saturated colors and a simpler typeface.

Trader Joe’s®

Trader Joe’s® is known for its low prices on unique food products and fun, quirky store design. They’re also renowned for their service, with staff members who wear Hawaiian shirts and go out of their way to help shoppers.

Founded in 1967, Trader Joe’s was originally designed to appeal to young Americans with GI Bills and modest salaries. The chain was created by Joseph Coulombe, a Stanford business graduate who saw the opportunity to bring exotic, specialty foods to the American market.

Unlike most grocery chains, Trader Joe’s doesn’t buy products at wholesale; instead it carries its own private label. This allows it to cut out the middleman and sell fewer items, which is a major money saver for the company.

Old El Paso®

Old El Paso® is one of the most well-known Mexican-style food brands in the United States. It is owned by American food producer General Mills and is found in supermarkets throughout the country.

These taco shells are a great place to start when you want to make a delicious Mexican meal for your family at home. They are easy to prepare and perfect for a variety of different fillings.

They are also very inexpensive, and a good value for your money. If you’re looking for an alternative to Trader Joe’s® taco shells, these are definitely worth checking out!

Old El Paso is a brand that dates back a century. It was originally founded as the Mountain Pass Canning Company in 1917. The name was changed to Old El Paso in 1938.

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