Where to Buy Dry Ice Pack in Singapore

where to buy dry ice pack in singapore

If you are wondering where to buy dry ice pack in Singapore, there are a few options. In addition to your local stores, you can also browse online through the many stores offering such products. Desertcart is one of the best online shopping platforms in Singapore that provides the best selection of Dry Ice products. In addition to providing a wide range of products, desertcart also offers fast delivery and a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.


For parties and events, using a MistyStix dry ice packet is an effective way to add a unique and fun effect to drinks. Unlike traditional fog makers, this product contains no water and is completely reusable. They are available in packs of 25 units and are ideal for private celebrations and bars.

MistyStix dry ice packs are available online or from dry ice suppliers. They can be ordered directly from the company’s website, but they must be delivered the day before they are needed. Then, you can prepare the drink. It’s that easy!

Luna ice pack sheets

A dry ice pack is a great way to keep perishable food and frozen items cool. There are several types of dry ice available, including sticks and sheets. Whether you’re shipping frozen food or perishable goods, a dry ice pack is an easy and effective way to keep the items cool and fresh.

The ice packs can be purchased online from various companies and stores. The best place to buy these packs is a reputable website. They have a team dedicated to quality control. Once you place your order, you’ll receive the product promptly. You can even get free delivery if you order more than one pack.

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