Where to Buy Disney Magic Bands in the UK

where to buy disney magic bands uk

Where can I buy Disney MagicBands in the UK? This article will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of MagicBands, where you can buy them, and how you can customize them. We’ll also discuss discounts for Annual Passholders and where you can customize yours. If you’re in the UK, we recommend checking out the Disney website. For further information, read our MagicBand FAQ.

Disadvantages of MagicBands

One of the benefits of Disney MagicBands is that they are cheap souvenirs. However, they are not as compact as the wristbands you can buy at Disney World or Universal Studios. For one, the band is bulky for small wrists and it can be difficult to carry in a pocket or purse. Parents tend to stuff the band in their wallet to make it easier to carry it, but this can be a huge inconvenience when you don’t have a wallet.

Another disadvantage of MagicBands is that they are no longer free. However, they are still available for purchase at Disney World. Furthermore, these bands are environmentally friendly, which means that you won’t be dumping millions of them into landfills. As long as the prices remain competitive, the band is worth considering. It can also be a fashion statement. However, some people have found it uncomfortable to wear.

Options for purchasing them

There are several different options when it comes to purchasing Disney magic bands, including purchasing them at the Walt Disney World Resort. These wristbands are an excellent way to avoid paying for each attraction separately. Many of them feature a design that ties them to Disney’s famous theme parks. These can include Haunted Mansion, Disneyland, or Disney Vacation Club. However, if you can’t find the perfect band to suit your needs, you can always opt to decline.

There are two main types of Disney magic bands, the original MagicBand and the new MagicBand+. The original MagicBand is adjustable and waterproof, while the MagicBand+ features a rechargeable battery and a longer lifespan. Both have their own unique features, such as allowing guests to store photos and videos from the attractions and to access them via their MagicBand account. The latest MagicBand will also be equipped with special effects to enhance the Disney experience.

Discounts offered for Annual Passholders

The discounts for Annual Passholders at Disney’s theme parks are different for each location and time. The discount will vary for restaurants and special events, but will usually be 10% or higher. Be aware that some restaurants may not offer the discounts. Also, Disney Annual Passholders are not eligible to receive these discounts on New Year’s Day, Christmas Eve, or Christmas day. It is possible to get these discounts at other locations, such as Disney stores.

For the most accurate discounts, you should plan ahead. For instance, if you want to buy your annual pass for the summer, you should do so at least six months before your vacation. Additionally, if you are an Annual Passholder, you can save money on tickets for the same theme parks that offer discounts on the Magic Band. However, remember that annual passes are only valid when you make reservations at Disney theme parks, so it is best to book early.

Customization options

If your child loves Disney characters, they can now get their own customized Disney MagicBands. Choose a design from one of the many theme parks and choose from different color schemes. You can even customize them with a favorite Disney character’s image. Listed below are some of the many customization options for Disney MagicBands. If you want to customize your MagicBand, here are some tips. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on the latest Disney news.

When you first started receiving Disney MagicBands, the design options were limited. Disney allowed guests to customize their MagicBands, but only those which did not interfere with the Mickey head. After hearing complaints from guests, Disney began selling additional design options. Since then, they’ve added many new options, such as Mickey ears and a princess’ crown. Guests can also get their MagicBands personalized in several ways, including adding their name, favorite Disney character, or even their favorite quote.

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