Where to Buy a PS5 in the Philippines

where to buy ps5 in philippines

In the Philippines, getting your hands on a PS5 isn’t an easy feat. The console’s availability is low, and it’s often scalped for exorbitant prices.

Fortunately, there are a few legitimate Sony licensed stores that you can trust to get you a PS5 at a fair price. These stores also witness frequent restocks, so monitoring them would help you get your hands on one sooner.

SM North Edsa

SM North Edsa is one of the largest shopping malls in the Philippines and it has been the country’s leading retail center for years. It houses more than 800 stores and selling points.

It is also a popular destination for tourists and locals alike as it features an IMAX theater, tech shops, clothing stores, outdoor restaurants, and more. Moreover, it also hosts a bowling alley and is home to SM’s flagship department store and supermarket.

SM North Edsa is located on the corner of EDSA and West Avenue in Quezon City, Metro Manila. It is considered one of the 10 largest malls in the world, and is operated by SM Prime Holdings.


The PlayStation 5 is still new in the market and it has been a struggle for gamers to get their hands on one. There are several reasons for the supply challenges. The biggest issue is the global shortage of a key manufacturing chip. The second is a problem caused by ‘Scalpers’ who hoard consoles only to sell them later at exorbitantly high prices.

Fortunately, there are a few stores that have seen regular PS5 restocks and are known for selling them at a fair price. These include GameStop and Walmart.

Sony Direct

Buying a PS5 through Sony Direct is one of the most reliable ways to get hold of the next-gen console. It also saves gamers from having to navigate through stores in search of their perfect gaming console.

PlayStation Direct is an online store that sells PS4 and PS5 consoles and accessories. It also has a selection of bundles that are available on its site during every PS5 restock.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can also get free shipping on your purchase. However, non-members have to pay shipping charges.

The website offers a modern and white interface that is easy to use. Placing an order and making payments is quick and simple.

Having a PSN account is required to sign up for PlayStation Direct. This requirement is a major deterrent to scalpers that use bots to get consoles before they’re available for sale.

EB Games

EB Games is a popular retail chain that sells video games and electronic devices. The company has more than 400 locations and a large number of employees.

Despite its popularity, EB Games is not well known for its quality products. However, it offers a variety of options to its customers.

They have a wide selection of new and used games for sale, as well as an excellent trade-in program that lets you get great prices on old game systems. Additionally, they offer a 7-day trial period for used games so you can try them before buying.

It is very important to check the reviews before purchasing any product from EB Games because many people are unhappy with their service. They are also incredibly slow when it comes to processing your orders.

In addition, EB Games does not have an internal HR department so it is very difficult to file a complaint about inappropriate work hours. Several employees we spoke to reported that they worked long hours for free at one time or another.

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