Where to Buy a PS5 Console in Ireland

where to buy ps5 console ireland

There are a number of places to buy the PS5 in Ireland. Target, GameStop, and Amazon are all good places to buy one. However, buying a PS5 online is unethical and may result in a ripped-off product. To avoid this, I recommend shopping at Target, GameStop, or Amazon.

Buying a ps5 console online is unethical

Although buying a PS5 console online is not illegal, it is unethical. Many eBay sellers are swindling people by posting fake PS5 images and convincing them to bid on them when there is no PS5 available on offer. While the PS5 launch lineup is not particularly revolutionary, it is clear that some PlayStation fans are desperate for a new console.

PS5 consoles can be difficult to find due to high demand and limited supply. Since most stores only offer the consoles online, a long wait in line can be frustrating for buyers. This has led to inflated prices and illegitimate sellers.

Unfortunately, many PS5 gamers are still waiting for restocks to arrive. Despite this, they are still being scammed, scalped, and bought by unscrupulous sellers. Sony has tried to curb this practice, but nefarious parties have figured out ways to get around the rules. As a result, PS5 units are selling for up to three times the original price.

Target is a good place to buy

Target is a good place to buy PS5. This new game console is designed with futuristic styling. It comes in both a traditional version with 4K Blu-ray drive and a digital version with streaming capabilities. The PS5 is portable and can be kept horizontally or vertically.

Target restocks its stores in waves so you should plan accordingly. If the PS5 you’re looking for is out of stock, you’ll have to wait a bit. Restocks of this console are often time-sensitive. You can’t always expect it on a specific day, but you’ll still get a good deal if you plan ahead.

If you’re looking for a PlayStation 5 console in Ireland, you’ll need to go to the Target store. The PS5 is priced well, and they have bundles and single consoles available. Target also sells used PS5 consoles for a great price. A good way to get the best deal is to sign up for GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro program. This program gives members access to early PS5 console sales. It costs $15 annually, and you’ll receive $60 in reward certificates. In addition to that, you’ll earn more points for every purchase you make.


It appears the PlayStation 5 console is in short supply in Ireland. GameStop Ireland has confirmed that it is out of stock, but also teased that more will be arriving soon. The PS5 launched in Ireland last month, and eager fans rushed to pre-order the console. The stores sold out in record time.

In addition to the PlayStation Store, GameStop is a good source for PS5 bundles, which are available for a significantly lower price than a single console. The store also does not sell the PS5 for any more than it’s worth, making it an excellent choice for those who want to save money and get the best deal. GameStop also offers fast delivery.

If you’re looking for a retail location in Ireland, GameStop is an excellent choice. Founded in 1983, the company has more than a hundred stores worldwide, and has expanded to over forty countries, including Ireland.


One of the best places to buy the PS5 is the UK. As of writing, there are two retailers that are consistently restocking the consoles: Currys and Argos. Both retailers have a system where you can sign up for the Priority Pass lottery for the PS5, which notifies you when the PS5 is back in stock. Alternatively, you can also purchase the PS5 from Sony or Argos.

When it comes to purchasing the PlayStation 5, it’s best to make sure you get in early. Most retailers have limited stock and sell out within minutes. There are also plenty of PS5 consoles for sale on eBay, but they can be expensive. We’ve seen a few of these go for several hundred pounds over the RRP, so we’d suggest adding the PS5 to your Wishlist to get one early.

Another place to purchase the PS5 is Sony’s official website. The website offers fast delivery and a simple payment process. The only downside is that you’ll have to pay shipping, but if you’re a member of PlayStation Plus, you’ll be exempt from this cost.

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