Where to Buy a PS5 Console For Sale in Melbourne

where to buy ps5 console melbourne

If you are looking for a PS5 console for sale in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of places to buy one from. From Target to GameStop to Amazon, we’ve got you covered. If we hadn’t included those stores, you might be wondering where to buy a PS5 console in Melbourne. But don’t worry, we’ve also included some other places that might have the console you’re looking for.


The chain retailer is known for selling new and used video games, consoles, and related gear. If you’re looking for a PS5 console in Melbourne, this may be the best option. This store also carries a large selection of used games. Its wide selection of games allows you to choose the right game for your budget and taste. There are many locations throughout the country, but the Melbourne location is particularly convenient.

If you’re a PlayStation fan, you might be interested in joining GameStop’s PowerUp Pro membership program. PowerUp Pro members get early access to PS5 console sales, and it only costs $15 annually. Those who sign up for the program also get $60 worth of reward certificates and points toward purchases. Buying online can also give you a significant advantage. This program may be worth the money for the extra convenience.


There are two ways to buy a PS5 in Melbourne. If you want to buy a new console, but can’t find one at Target, you can also look online. Target carries a variety of video games, including the PS5. And if you prefer to avoid the lines in Target, you can purchase it at a local retail store. Alternatively, you can buy a second-hand one from a reputable used gaming store.

EB Games and Harvey Norman are two other options for buying a PS5 console in Melbourne. While Harvey Norman and EB Games are both renowned for their sales, they don’t always have PS5 consoles in stock. And EB Games doesn’t sell PS5 consoles in-store either, so you’re more likely to get a pre-order than buy a brand new one.


The PlayStation 5 console is the latest in the PlayStation series, which can be purchased from Amazon. It is available at most online stores and is currently shipping from Amazon to retail outlets. However, the availability of the console in your area may be limited. If you live in Melbourne, you can visit JB Hi-Fi to buy one. It is worth noting that the store has sold out of the console earlier this year. It may take a few months for them to restock, so it’s worth trying other retailers to secure one.

EB Games has been selling PS5 consoles for a while now, but they have been very limited. EB Games has been selling the PS5 in Australia through eBay, but the listings are generally out of stock or sold out. It may be worth keeping an eye out though, as the PS5 will be available in Australia in a few days. Until then, you may want to consider pre-ordering the PS5 if you can’t find one in a store.

JB Hi-Fi

When it comes to where to buy PS5 consoles in Melbourne, there are a few different options available. For starters, you could go to Harvey Norman and EB Games. Both stores have PS5 availability listed online. You can also try a retailer like Amazon or Big W. These online retailers also carry a range of popular games. However, if you’re looking to buy a PS5 console in Melbourne in person, you should be able to find a console at a store like JB Hi-Fi.

If you’re in Melbourne and don’t want to wait for pre-orders to become available, try JB Hi-Fi. They’ve started accepting pre-orders for PS5 in a limited number of stores. While the store isn’t publicly advertising these pre-orders, people have been able to pre-order in person. However, be warned that there are limited stock at these stores, and you may have to wait a few days to get one.


If you want to purchase a PS5 in Melbourne, you need to know where to go. There are two options for you: online or from a bricks-and-mortar store. The online options are more popular than the bricks-and-mortar ones, but you should consider which one you prefer. Both of these options are great places to purchase a console. Choosing an online store is better because you get the best value for your money. The downside to this option is the long wait times.

As the release date of the PS5 nears, it is important to note that the availability of the console is not guaranteed. Some retailers will be sold out, while others will have a limited supply. While online shopping is an option, physical stores are the best options if you’re in Melbourne. It is important to keep in mind that online retailers may not be able to offer you a huge selection of PS5s.


Vodaphone, Australia’s largest telecommunications company, is offering a limited number of PlayStation 5 consoles on their plans. In order to buy a PS5 console, you must be a Vodafone customer with an eligible voice or NBN plan. You can then add the PlayStation 5 console to your current plan and pay it off over twelve, twenty-four or thirty-six months.

Unfortunately, PlayStation 5 console stock in Australia has been extremely limited. EB Games in Melbourne sold out within minutes of releasing the console. EB Games has also been a prime source of PS5 consoles. EB Games recently announced a PlayStation(r)5 Console Bundle, which will be on sale at 11am AEST. There is no guarantee that these new products will come in stock.

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