Where Can I Find Oysters Near Me?

where can i buy oysters near me

The question of where can I find fresh oysters close to me is always a good one to ask yourself. After all, it is not everyday that you get to indulge in something as delectable as oysters. Here are some ideas to make your oyster-eating experience as pleasant as possible. If you’re in the mood for oysters but don’t have time to visit a farm stand, you can try a few of the oyster bars in your area.

The Remington Oyster Company in New York City offers smoked and unsmoked oysters. The company also offers shucked and in-shell oysters. The oysters are cultivated in Willapa Bay, a large estuary in southwest Washington. It is one of the few remaining, cleanest coastal ecosystems in the continental U.S. The smoked oysters and other oyster varieties available at Remington Tavern are popular with visitors, and their shucking shack takes place every Friday!

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