Where Can I Buy SunPass PRO?

where can i buy sunpass pro

The SunPass PRO is a toll pass that can be used in over a dozen states outside of Florida. However, you will still need to purchase an extra $15 transponder. The system is compatible in Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Purchasing SunPass Pro will allow you to pay in 15 more eastern states, including Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. If you’d like to use the new card in these states, you can get one at a discount through the link below.

SunPass PRO is available at most gas stations and service plazas on Florida’s Turnpike. In addition, it’s available at select Welcome Centers and Visitor Centers. Some county tax collector offices also sell the SunPass. The cost is $5.99 per transponder. You can purchase a SunPass at a gas station or online from the SunPass website. You can use your SunPass in any vehicle, including rental vehicles.

Besides Florida, SunPass PRO is also accepted in Georgia and North Carolina. Using your SunPass PRO transponder will ensure that you’ll avoid any toll charges. You can save money by using it at all E-ZPass-accepted facilities. You’ll also find a lot of other benefits with the SunPass. You can use it to pay for parking at international airports and get the best rates.

When it comes to buying SunPass PRO, you’ll need to know that the system is different from the SunPass and E-Pass. The former is issued by the state Department of Transportation while the latter is issued by the Central Florida Expressway Authority. The latter is more widely accepted. If you’re in a hurry to travel in Florida, you’ll find a SunPass PRO nearby and get the best rates.

You can also use the SunPass PRO for free in some states. While the SunPass Mini is no longer widely accepted in Florida, it is still possible to use it in North Carolina and Florida. But before you buy the SunPass PRO, make sure to check the requirements of your state’s E-ZPass program. You must also make sure it works in your state’s expressway system. Then, make the switch and start using your new card!

The SunPass PRO and E-ZPass are interchangeable in Florida, but they differ in some states. In Florida, you can use the SunPass Mini toll road. The E-ZPass, on the other hand, will not work in some states. Both systems have their pros and cons. But they are generally compatible with each other. The E-ZPass is the most common and widely used version of the SunPass.

The SunPass PRO is a toll tag that can be purchased at any SunPass service center. It is also accepted in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. If you’re traveling in the U.S., it’s important to note that the SunPass PRO is valid across the entire state of Florida. The other states in the system accept it. Hence, you can use it in Georgia, Florida, and many other states.

In Florida, SunPass PRO can be purchased at all service plazas and gas stations along the Florida Turnpike. It’s also available at select County Tax Collector offices and Welcome Centers. You can purchase the SunPass PRO at any of these locations. The E-ZPass is not accepted in Florida. It’s worth purchasing the SunPass PRO if you live in the state of North Carolina. The newer version will be more convenient for many travelers.

SunPass PRO is the new version of the original SunPass and is not a substitute for an E-ZPass. You can also use the SunPass PRO to pay for parking at international airports. It’s easy to upgrade to SunPass PRO and save money. So, buy a SunPass today and start enjoying your trip! Where Can I Buy a SUNPASS PRO? Its benefits are far reaching. You can use it to pay for parking at international airports, too. It’s also good for businesses and tourists.

The SunPass PRO works in Florida and is compatible with the E-ZPass tolling system. It grants access to multiple states and the E-ZPass is compatible with the SunPass in the Orlando area. You can also buy the SunPass Mini Transponder to use the SUNPASS in North Carolina. The SunPass Mini is only for vehicles, so if you’re not traveling in Florida, you can’t buy the SUNPASS in the state.

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