Where Can I Buy LYNX Bus Passes?

where can i buy lynx bus passes

When you are visiting a LYNX bus route, you may be wondering where to buy a pass. You can purchase your LYNX bus passes online or from a vendor. There are different types of bus passes, so you should call before purchasing one. You can also purchase a digital bus pass, known as a LYNX PawPass. This pass can be transferred to the LYNX PawPass app.

There are two types of passes available: single rider and day pass. Single rides cost $2.00 with LYNX discount fare ID, or $1.00 with exact fare. You should have exact change to ride, as the bus operator will not make changes. You can buy a LYNX bus pass for a certain amount, and then transfer to another route within 90 minutes. You cannot use a transfer for the same link twice, and you can only purchase a single ticket for each route.

A youth pass is available for riders aged six to nine. They can ride for free with an adult, or can pay $1 for the same. A Youth pass is also available for children under six. Senior citizens can buy an AdvantAge ID if they are 65 or older. To qualify, you must present a Medicare card, birth certificate, or government issued ID. If you’re a senior citizen, you can purchase a Pass for the same price as a regular pass.

If you’re a student, look for a LYNX Blue Line Student Discount Pass, which is a great way to save money while getting around the city. The LYNX Blue Line operates as a proof-of-payment fare collection system. Students need a valid student ID to ride on the Blue Line. A monthly LYNX Blue Line pass is also an excellent option.

To access Orlando from the airport, you can take a LYNX bus to Orange Avenue and Columbia Street. This bus will take you to several destinations in Orlando. If you have a long layover in the airport, consider taking a LYNX bus to get to Orlando. The bus costs $2.00 per person and stops at various locations around town. You can also catch a bus to the Greyhound station Orlando, located across the street. This will take you approximately 13 miles to the airport.

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