Where Can I Buy an E-ZPass Transponder?

where can i buy ez pass transponder

A transponder is a device that receives a radio signal. Typically, an E-ZPass user keeps the transponder on their windshield. A traffic light cues the user that they are in the E-ZPass lane, and the transponder sends a signal to an electronic receiver in the E-ZPass lane. The driver can then drive through the designated lane without interacting with a toll collector.

An EZPass transponder must be purchased for privately-owned vehicles weighing less than 7,000 pounds. The cost is $25. Commercial vehicles such as motor homes and motorcycles are not allowed to use E-ZPass transponders. You can purchase multiple EZPass transponders under one account for a combined cost of $80. However, if you don’t need one of these for your vehicle and simply need to use it on the road, you may opt for a different option.

There are several different options for purchasing your E-ZPass transponder. You can visit an EZPass Customer Service Center, or call an E-ZPass customer service center. You can also visit a local retail outlet, such as a Giant or Wegman’s, or contact a company that sells the transponder. However, you should keep in mind that the transponder cannot be returned to AAA Northeast.

Once you’ve registered your E-ZPass, you can go ahead and use it for up to four days. Once you’ve used the card for the first time, you’ll need to re-register the device to avoid having to pay a toll. Once you have the E-ZPass, you can manage your account online, download an app, add a photo to your vehicles, update your payment information, or check your account activity.

An E-ZPass can be purchased at any of 12 stores. E-ZPass transponders are accepted in most states. You can buy them in all 12 states of the US, including Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. In addition to these, E-ZPass is also accepted in the Orlando area. So, if you are unsure about the benefits of an E-ZPass transponder, find out where to purchase one today!

Another perk of an E-ZPass is that it eliminates long lines at toll booths. You can continue driving at the speed you’re used to, and the E-ZPass will automatically replenish your account if you run out of money. It’s an investment that will pay for itself in weeks. Just make sure to mount your transponder in your vehicle to take full advantage of its discounts.

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