Where Can I Buy Alligator Meat?

where can i buy gator meat

When it comes to eating gator, you’ll often hear about the Cajun Grocer. They sell a wide variety of gator products, including breaded nuggets, unique alligator balls, tenderloins, and sausage. You can even buy whole alligators! If you’re not interested in buying a whole gator, you can always make your own sausage by combining gator with pork.

If you’re not able to catch one of your own, you can purchase it frozen. To prepare it for cooking, find out what size of gator you’d like to catch. The meat of a gator over five feet will be tougher than that, so stick to filets. However, if you’re interested in trying something new, go for a stuffed gator recipe! Peppers and radishes go well with most cuts of gator.

Buying alligator meat from a farm is a safe way to get quality gator. Many reputable farms sell skinned alligators. You can feed a group of 20 people with a twelve-pound gator. This unique meat is not only delicious, but also healthy. The meat is a perfect option for special occasions like parties and barbecues. While this type of meat may be expensive, it’s definitely worth trying.

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