Where Can I Buy Alligator Meat Near Me?

where can i buy gator meat near me

Alligators are large reptiles with a varied flavor and texture. A 12 lb. gator can feed up to 20 people, so you may be wondering where to buy gator meat near you. The best part to buy is the tenderloin. White leg, tail, and body meat are also excellent choices. Avoid the red leg. These parts are the least desirable, but still highly edible.

You can try alligator Bites for an unusual appetizer. These meaty lizards are similar to chicken, but with a firm yet tender texture. Try them out if you’ve never had them before. You can order a sampler of different dishes to find your favorites. You might also like mussels with crab sauce, Key West shrimp, or frog legs. A few more ideas are listed below.

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