Where Can I Buy a Uni Pass?

A Uni Pass is a toll pass that can save you up to 33% on tolls. You can purchase this pass online, over the phone, or at an authorized customer service center in Orlando. When you get a Uni Pass, it must be installed before using any other toll transponder. Once you have installed your Uni, you can no longer use any other toll transponder. You must contact the company you used to purchase your SunPass, and close your account before installing your new transponder. If you have multiple transponders, they will double bill you may end up spending twice on tolls.

where can i buy uni pass

If you’re planning to visit the Orlando area anytime soon, you can get a Uni by visiting the official site. This link will allow you to use your Uni in the Orlando area as well as other locations across Florida. The link for the website is the same as the login portal for your Sunpass. Once you’ve installed your Uni, remove your other toll transponders and save on tolls.

The Uni allows you to travel on toll roads in 18 states, including Florida and Maine. You can use your Uni at toll plazas in all of the states where the CFX toll road is in operation. It is portable, and you can transfer it from vehicle to vehicle, including rental cars. You’ll also get toll discounts on local Orlando toll roads when you have a Uni.

A Uni by E-PASS offers nonstop travel through 19 states and no monthly fees. Your prepaid toll credit will never expire. The Uni also has discounts on local Orlando toll roads, and it’s important to remove other toll transponders before installing your Uni by E-PASS. It is recommended that you remove all other toll transponders before installing yours. When installing your Uni by E-PASS, make sure to turn off any other tolls.

Another great advantage of the Uni by E-PASS is its portability. A Uni can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle, and it can be used for motorcycles and rental vehicles. It is compatible with all the same toll networks as E-PASS and E-ZPASS. It also works where the same passes are accepted. If you have a prepaid toll card, it’s important to remove it before installing a Uni.

Uni by E-PASS offers nonstop travel throughout 19 states and the E-PASS Xtra allows for unlimited trips. Unlike a regular E-PASS, the Uni byE-PASS will never expire, and you will be able to use it in 19 different states. Additionally, a Uni byE-PASS is also compatible with the I-PASS. The Uni by E-PASS is an E-PASS product and is a toll pass that can be used by motorcycles and rental vehicles.

If you are in the market for a Uni by E-PASS, you can find it at most toll-free toll roads. With the Uni byE-PASS, you can travel through all 19 states and have no monthly account fee. It’s important to remember that the E-PASS does not expire, but the E-PASS does. Similarly, you should not install any other toll transponder until you install the Uni.

The Uni byE-PASS is an E-PASS product. It’s an international pass that works in 19 states. It’s similar to the E-PASS, but it’s compatible with more expressways. It’s compatible with all the popular toll systems. It’s also convenient for rental vehicles. If you’re traveling by car, the Uni is an excellent option. It allows you to pay for tolls without worrying about where to park.

The Uni by E-PASS is a portable toll pass. It allows you to travel nonstop through 18 states, and it’s also compatible with RVs. Unlike the E-PASS, the Uni can be used on rental vehicles and motorcycles. The Uni is compatible with all the popular systems, such as E-PASS and SunPass. This makes it convenient for road trips. It can be used in many places.

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